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Frank Sinatra, by Herman Leonard

On set for the film “The Black Door”Canon AE-1 50mm 1.8
Lomo 400

Mélanie Laurent - Vogue (January 2013)

Robert Downey Jr. circa 1986

 Cate Blanchett poses for a portrait during the 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards


So, it’s been a super busy time for me, all. Haven’t even looked at tumblr very much for the past few months. I finished my senior thesis film that has been entered into Seattle, LA, Maryland, and countless other film festivals. All signs point to that we will get in to at least one big one, based on our test screenings. Keep an eye out for it and I’ll post it here once festival season is over.

Now on to the really exciting stuff. I worked camera with these guys, the director is the man Jamesy Boy is based on, on a documentary that gives some insight into the perpetuation of criminals and the justice system called “Revolving Doors.” It will be released in the coming months. I posted a sizzle reel above (please check it out. It’s for a wonderful cause). They loved my work ethic so much that they invited me up to NY to B-cam a feature for them. First gig in NY and I couldn’t be more humbled about it.

More recently, I just finished B-Cam operating on a short and am lined up to DP another one next month. If all of this goes according to plan, I will hit the ground running on House of Cards this summer as a full-time grip. 

I’ve been working really hard and figured you all would like an update.
Hope you all are making the best of your 2014!

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Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, 1953.